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Fundraising Event Ideas

These are events or activities that you and your team can do in addition to online fundraising or letter writing to generate additional funds.  You can be as creative as you want to turn your resources, contacts, skills and interests into a way to earn big bucks for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  In addition to raising more money, creative fundraising ideas like these can also build team spirit.

There are a number of ways to raise money through a special event, including:

  • Admission Price or Donation (cocktail party, dance, dinner party, etc.)
  • Fee for Participation/Registration (softball tournament, card tournament, etc.)
  • Sale of Raffle Tickets
  • Auction (Gag gifts, sports memorabilia, weekend get-away, etc.)
  • Contribution Request (“pass the hat”, counter display, etc.)
  • Fee For Service (car wash, house cleaning, parking cars, etc.)
  • Sale of Items (garage sale, baked goods, etc.)

The key to a successful special event is good planning.  In planning your event, determine all of the potential fundraising opportunities and select the opportunities that represent the greatest potential for dollars.

Below is a listing of special events with a brief description that others have found successful. 

  • Gourmet Dinner Party:  Treat your guests to the finest cooking or the finest your local restaurants have to offer.
  • Ethnic Food Sampler:  Let your friends sample the best from Italy, Greece, Mexico, China, etc.
  • Progressive Feast:  Ask your neighbors to commit to provide one stage of the meal at their homes.
  • Wine Tasting Party:  Contact your local wine shop to see if they can provide a wine expert.  Consider an auction/raffle for a bottle of premium wine.