Sebastian Sacerdoti


At just 18 months old, Sebastian Sacerdoti was diagnosed with a massive tumor that took up more than 70 percent of the right side of his brain. During a nine-hour surgery at Children’s, only part of the tumor could be removed, and it was doubtful that Sebastian would survive. For two weeks after the surgery, he was kept under a drug-induced coma to give his brain time to heal. When Sebastian awoke, he had to relearn most of his basic motor skills such as sitting up and rolling over. Sebastian didn’t go through his ordeal alone, however. Not only did his grandparents move to Atlanta from Venezuela, but the toddler also had family members from as far away as Argentina and Italy visit for months at a time to lend their support. Six months after his surgery, a second operation revealed that only tiny fragments of Sebastian’s tumor remained, for which he underwent radiation. Now 3 years old, Sebastian, known at Children's as "Miracle Baby",  is tumor-free and able to get back to playing with his older sister, Valerie, and cousins.


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Sebastian's mother had a normal pregnancy and birth. By all accounts, his parents were raising a happy, healthy little boy. But at 18 months, Sebastian began to lose his balance and fall unexpectedly. Knowing something was wrong, his parents took him to Children's, where they found a tumor the size of a grapefruit growing on his brain.


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Con únicamente 18 meses de vida, Sebastian Sacerdoti fue diagnosticado con un tumor masivo que acaparaba más del 70 por ciento del lado derecho de su cerebro. Durante las nueve hora de cirugía en Children’s, solamente una parte del tumor pudo ser extraído, y habían dudas que Sebastian pudiera sobrevivir. 

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