Transplant Support Groups

Children who have received a pediatric transplant and their family members should know they are not alone. There are a number of support groups and related services available.

Liver Transplant

Pre- and post liver transplant recipients and their parents are invited to attend. The liver transplant support group meets the first Wednesday of each month prior the the liver transplant clinic. Lunch will be served courtesy of Chick-fil-A. 

Mark your calendars for 2015 dates:

Feb. 4
Sandy McMath
Georgia Transplant Foundation

March 4
Mandy Lutin
Topic TBD

April 1
Erica Plunkett
National Donor Awareness Month

May 6
Anita Adair
Parenting your transplanted child

June 3
Rochelle Liverman
Transplant med trends

Aug. 5
Erin Blonshine
Getting your transplanted child ready for the school year

Sept. 2
Mary Duncan Hancock
Topic: TBD

Oct. 7
Speaker and topic: TBD

Nov. 4
Speaker and topic: TBD

The liver transplant support groups are held at Children’s at Egleston, 6th Floor Conference Room from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Contact Stephanie Oprea at 404-785-0631 or for more information.

Heart Transplant: Kids at Heart Family Dinners

Heart transplant recipients and their parents are invited to attend. Offered by the Kids at Heart Program, the heart transplant support group meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Mark your calendars for 2015 dates

The Kids at Heart Family Dinners are held at Children’s at Egleston, 1st Floor Conference Center from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Contact Alison Mueller at 404-785-6109 for more information.

Kidney Transplant: Kidney Connection Lunch

Kidney Connection is open to all pre- and post-transplant recipients and their families. We will cover a variety of interesting topics to further educate you and your family. There will also be opportunities to meet and mingle with other transplant families. Children are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided free of charge.

Mark your calendars for 2015 dates:

January 22
Erin Blonshire, Teacher and Education Advocate

February 26
Erica Plunkett, Lifelink of Georgia

March 26
Lashawda Gilchrist, Specialty Pharmacist

April 23
Transplant Pharmacist

May 28
Christine S. Benedetti, Renal Nutritionist

June 25
Vivian Tomlinson, Jumpstart Program

August 27
Matt Schneider, Kidney Transplant Recipient

September 24
Sandy McMath, Georgia Transplant Foundation

October 22

The kidney transplant support groups are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at Children’s at Egleston in the 6th floor conference room from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Contact Megan Barrett at 404-785-6284 or for more information or if you would like to request a Spanish interpreter.