The expertise of our pediatric nephrologists is now available to patients and healthcare providers through telemedicine.  An easy-to-use service, telemedicine offers patients and their primary care providers remote consultations and evaluations using live video. 

The telemedicine program:

  • Uses a high-speed telecommunications system, advanced technology and specialized medical cameras to connect patients and their caregivers to specialists.
  • Can improve diagnosis and treatment times with quicker access to specialists.
  • Helps families avoid long and costly commutes to Atlanta for specialist visits.


Telemedicine can be used in some first-time and some follow-up visits. We offer care for a complete range of nephrological conditions, including congenital kidney problems, hypertension, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


    We loved Dr. Greenbaum! He was so awesome with our patient. The parent was blown away by Dr. Greenbaum's bed side manner and how he related to the patient. I certainly hope we can work with him again in the future.

    Sherrie Williams, LCSW
    The MED Clinic



To find the closest site offering telemedicine near you, download a Telemedicine Site Map.

All services are not available at all locations. Be sure to call 404-785-1111 to confirm that the Children's specialty service you need is available at that site, and to find out how to make an appointment.

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Find out more about the services offered through the Children's Telemedicine Program. Call 404-785-1111.