Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program

Complete developmental care for your child with a heart condition

Research shows that children with heart conditions are more likely to have motor and language delays, as well as learning problems. Both the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children with some heart conditions, such as those needing surgery in the first months of life, be seen in a structured cardiac neurodevelopmental program. Our experts can help your child work through any developmental issues.

  • Our neurodevelopmental program offers complete developmental care from infancy through early adulthood for your child with a heart condition.  

    Infant and Preschool (infancy to age 3 years)

    You and your child will meet with a team of professionals to assess and monitor his progress.  This team will include a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech-language therapist.  Developmental testing will be completed to assess your child’s thinking skills and motor skills.  Background information about your child will be collected from you. Recommendations will be made based on the results of this evaluation to support your child’s specific developmental needs.

    Contact: Daisy Mendez at 404-785-3783 

    School-age and Young Adult (4 to 21 years)

    Your child will meet with a pediatric neuropsychologist to complete written, oral, and picture based tests. The neuropsychologist will review medical and school records, and meet with you to gather family and social background information.  Your child’s teacher will be asked to fill out forms about learning, attention, and behavior.  The results from this interview and assessment will be used to make specific recommendations to support your child’s learning.  School consultation is available as well.

    Contact: 404-785-2894

  • Comprehensive assessment of child's development
  • Experts with extensive experience working with children with heart disease
  • Assistance with school planning and communication with the school systems