Liver Tumor Program

Offering comprehensive care for children with liver tumors

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More than 300 children and young adults are diagnosed with liver tumors each year in the U.S.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is home to one of the only pediatric liver tumor program in the Southeast with a coordinated, integrated team of pediatric specialists who is dedicated to the care of children and young adults with cancerous or non-cancerous liver tumors. 

Our pediatric specialized team is experienced in evaluating and treating a wide of conditions, including:

  • Mesenchymal hamartomas
  • Rhabdoid tumor of the liver
  • Vascular tumors of the liver
  • Other rare liver tumors

Treatment options

We offer a full range of treatment options for children with liver tumors from surgery to chemotherapy to radiation therapy. An individualized treatment plan is designed for each patient as treatment approaches vary from child to child. Our team works closely with each family to determine the best course of action. Treatment options include:

  • Chemotherapy: The use of certain medicines to treat cancer.
  • Radiation: High-energy rays which are used to kill or damage cancer cells.
  • Surgery: To remove of all or part of the tumor.
  • Liver transplant
  • Local ablative techniques (chemoembolization, radiofrequency ablation)

Why choose us?

  • Experienced in treating a wide range of liver tumors—from the most common to the rarest
  • Pediatric-trained experts from multiple specialties who work together to provide your child with a personalized treatment plan
  • Among the country's five largest pediatric cancer and liver transplant programs
  • Robust research program

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