Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

2013 Fellowship brochure

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At the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, we offer three-year pediatric Hematology/Oncology fellowships in collaboration with Emory University School of Medicine. Emory is among the largest pediatric hematology/oncology training programs in the country and the premiere program in the Southeast.

Our goal is to train academically oriented hematologists/oncologists who will be involved in a lifetime of excellence in pediatric patient care, teaching and clinical, translational or basic research.

Video: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

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Learn more about our fellowship training in this video.


Video: Aflac Cancer Center -- "What Makes You Beautiful"

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Aflac Cancer Center patient families, nurses and doctors showcase their beauty—and dance moves—through a music video to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

From Our Fellows

  • “I think the training here at Emory provides a great balance between hematology and oncology, while serving a large, diverse population. That, combined with the excellent potential research opportunities, is what really appealed to me.”

    Sunil Raikar, M.D.
    First Year Fellow

  • “I chose Emory because it serves a large patient population with a variety of hematologic and oncologic conditions, providing for a vast array of clinical experience during fellowship. I also appreciated a strong collegiality amongst the fellows and faculty, and the fellows’ educational and service experience appeared well balanced.”

    Katie Sutton, M.D.
    First Year Fellow

  • “I chose Emory because I know that this program is well rounded and provides excellent exposure to a wide variety of both hematological and oncological problems. I love the city and am looking forward to a wonderful experience.”

    Sarah Tehseen, M.D.
    First Year Fellow

  • “I completed my residency at Emory and know from experience that this program provides outstanding training in every facet. There is exposure to all aspects of hematology and oncology, a strong emphasis on both patient care and research, and a true team atmosphere.”

    L. Katie Williamson, M.D.
    First Year Fellow

  •  “I chose Emory because of the diverse clinical exposures and abundant research opportunities. I am confident that at the end of my fellowship I will have an equally strong foundation in hematology and oncology.” 

    Glaivy Batsuli, M.D.
    Second Year Fellow

  • “I think the biggest strength of the program is the large hematology and oncology populations we have access to here. The research opportunities are outstanding and the faculty is very friendly and welcoming.”

    Jonathan Metts, M.D.
    Second Year Fellow

  • “I chose to train at Emory because of my interest in sickle cell disease; we serve one of the largest sickle cell populations in the country. I am an Atlanta native and was happy to have the opportunity to come back home.” 

    Margo Rollins, M.D.
    Second Year Fellow

  • “I chose to stay at Emory for fellowship because of the strength of the faculty. I have loved working here because of the warm, family-like environment. I love living in Atlanta and have found it stimulating to be part of this very health-oriented city.”

    David Siegel, M.D., M.P.H.
    Second Year Fellow

  • “When I came for my interview, I received an especially warm welcome and was made to feel right at home. I am currently in the MSCR program, and I positively love it. The classes are excellent, and I am confident that I will be very prepared to apply for a K grant at the end of the program.” 

    Joanna Grossman Newton, M.D.
    Third Year Fellow

  • “My co-fellows are a great group of people. The program leadership is also extremely supportive of us.”

    Robert (Shep) Nickel, M.D.
    Third Year Fellow

  • “I chose Emory because I thought this program would provide a solid foundation in all aspects of pediatric hematology and oncology training including survivorship. People here work well as a team and enjoy what they do.” 

    Matthew Ramirez, M.D.
    Third Year Fellow

  • “I chose our program because I felt like it was a great balance of hematology and oncology—not only in the clinical setting, but also in research. This program was much more fellow-friendly than the other places I visited.”

    Benjamin Watkins, M.D.
    Third Year Fellow

  • “The guaranteed option and support from the fellowship program to obtain the Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) really set Emory apart from other programs that I was considering, and I knew this would lay the foundation for me to have a successful clinical research career.” 

    Thomas Cash, M.D.
    Fourth Year Fellow

Thank You

The Aflac Cancer Center receives funding for its fellowship program from the St. Baldrick's Foundation and CURE Childhood Cancer. These organizations encourage promising new medical professionals to pursue pediatric cancer research as a specialty.