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Choosing Safe Baby Products: Bathtubs

Baby bathtubs give parents a controlled environment for cleaning a wet, slippery baby. The angle of the tub helps free a parent's hands for washing. When shopping for an infant bathtub, avoid bath rings, baby flotation devices, and suction seats without restraining belts. These can flip over and lead to drowning.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an infant bathtub:

  • The bathtub should have slip-resistant backing to keep it from moving.
  • A tub made of thick plastic will stay firm in the center, even under the weight of the water.
  • Beware of foam cushions; your baby could tear off pieces and swallow them.
  • Tubs with rough edges should be avoided to prevent scratching.
  • Some bathtubs have indentations that are convenient for holding soap, shampoo, and other cleaning supplies.
  • An infant-to-toddler tub will last longer as it can be adjusted when your baby grows.
  • A plug at the bottom of the tub makes draining the water easy.

SAFETY NOTES: Never leave your baby unattended or in the care of an older sibling in the bath, even for a moment. Gather all of your baby's bathing supplies ahead of time, and always take your baby with you if you have to answer the door or the telephone or if you're needed elsewhere in the house.

Reviewed by: Kate M. Cronan, MD
Date reviewed: February 2010

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